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Editor Position Announcements

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Justice Evaluation Journal

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) is seeking applications for the position of Founding Editor of the Justice Evaluation Journal (JEJ). For this new official publication of the ACJS, the Editor will be responsible for establishing and administering a high-quality academic journal for our membership. The Editor will set editorial policy, select deputy and associate editors, create a peer review system, and manage the journal. Applications must meet the following criteria:

 Demonstrated record of scholarly activity as measured by such indicators as publications in refereed journals, book publication, and research. Strong preference will be given to applicants who have published research and carried out scholarly activities focused on criminal justice policy and program evaluation.
 Prior editorial experience as measured by such indicators as editorial responsibilities for other scholarly publications and past experience as a referee or associate/deputy editor of an academic journal, or other editorial experience demonstrating the applicant's ability to implement and maintain the integrity of blind review, to establish and maintain the high quality of this new publication, to communicate effectively, and to behave in a professional manner that is supportive of the mission and goals of the ACJS and consistent with the ACJS statement of ethics.
 Commitment to the ACJS Code of Ethics, particularly to Section III.C regarding research and publication.
 Earned Ph.D. or terminal degree in area of specialization.
 Senior (associate professor or above) academic rank at host institution.
 Formal declaration of support from host institution, including release time, space, and other support services the institution will commit to editorship.
 ACJS membership in good standing for three continuous years at the time of application.

Those interested in being considered should provide a formal proposal to the JEJ Editor Search Committee Chair, Prabha Unnithan, Colorado State University: Prabha.Unnithan@colostate.edu via email attachments no later than November 13, 2017. The proposal should include:

 Statement of editorial philosophy for the Justice Evaluation Journal
 Statement of applicant's qualifications, including vita;
 Formal declaration of institutional support;
 A budget including a breakdown of the expenses that will be provided by the host institution and those expected for the Academy.

The JEJ will be published twice a year. The Executive Board of the ACJS will appoint the Editor for a three-year term. The Editor's first issue will be due in early 2018. There is a $5,000 summer stipend for the Editor. Proposals for co-editorship will not be considered.

Requests for further information should be directed to the JEJ Search Committee Chair, Prabha Unnithan at Prabha.Unnithan@colostate.edu or (970) 491-6615.

The ACJS policy regarding editors' duties is available for review at ACJS Editor Duties Policy 6-2010.pdf.



The American Society of Criminology invites applications for the position of Editor of Criminology & Public Policy, one of its official journals. The new Editor will be responsible for three volumes, beginning with the February 2020 issue. It is anticipated that new manuscript submissions will transfer to the new Editor in the spring of 2019.

The Editor is responsible for the timely and substantive output of the journal, including the solicitation of manuscripts, supervision of the peer review process and the final selection of articles for publication. The American Society of Criminology pays for copy-editing and final proofreading, typesetting, providing PDF files, and up to $60,000 per year to support the journal. The Editor’s supporting institution might propose to provide office space, file storage, equipment, and funds to cover office expenses such as postage, phone, copying, additional graduate student assistance, and release time for the Editor. Supporting institutions may propose to assume some of the expenses now provided by the ASC.

Interested applicants may contact the current Editors, William Bales (wbales@fsu.edu) and Daniel Nagin (dn03@andrew.cmu.edu), for additional information regarding the logistics or operational details of editing and producing the journal.  Applicants are also encouraged to call Christina DeJong, Chair, ASC Publications Committee (dejongc@msu.edu, or 517-432-1998) to discuss their applications before submission.

Application materials should include (1) a statement of editorial philosophy, (2) resumes of all proposed personnel, including the Editor and Associate Editors, and (3) assurances and details of institutional support.

Electronic submission of application materials is preferred and should be sent to dejongc@msu.edu by January 15, 2018. If electronic submission is not possible, one copy of paper materials should be sent to:

Christina DeJong
School of Criminal Justice
655 Auditorium Road, Room 560
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824



The Division on Women and Crime (DWC) of the American Society of Criminology is  accepting applications for editor (or team of two co-editors) of its official journal, Feminist Criminology. Feminist Criminology is an innovative journal that is dedicated to research related to women, girls, and crime within the context of a feminist critique of criminology. Published by SAGE Publications since its first issue in 2006, this international publication focuses on research and theory that highlights the gendered nature of crime and criminal justice.

The journal uses Manuscript Central, an on-line, electronic submission process. The new editor will be responsible for administering this process and publishing five issues a year. The editor will serve a three or four year term, to be negotiated with the DWC Executive Council. It is anticipated that new manuscript submissions and other editorial duties will transfer to the new editor around June, 2018. The editor is responsible for the timely and substantive output of the journal, including the solicitation of manuscripts, supervision of the peer review process, and the final selection of articles for publication. Along with Sage staff, the editor is also responsible for marketing and publicity, particularly via social media. The editor implements the journal’s editorial policies, maintains high professional standards for published content, and ensures the integrity of the journal. The editor is accountable to the Feminist Criminology Editorial Board as well as to the DWC Executive Council. The editor is an ex-officio member of the DWC Executive Council and thus participates in related emails and conference calls. The editor attends the ASC conference yearly, where DWC meetings, an editorial board meeting and additional activities require the editor’s participation. Finally, the editor is part of the annual selection of  the Best Article of the Year Award as well as the Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Scholarship Awardee.

The editor’s supporting institution normally provides office space, file storage, equipment, one graduate assistant to serve as managing editor for the duration of the editorship (10 hours a week minimum commitment), and release time for the editor. The DWC provides a stipend of $5,000 a year (or $7,500 for a co-editor team), usually to cover the editor’s summer salary, and also reimburses the institution for the managing editor’s summary salary. In addition, the DWC provides a stipend towards the costs to attend the ASC conference for the editor(s) (@$500) as well as paying for the expenses for the managing editor as per ASC travel guidelines, http://www.asc41.com/about.htm.

Interested applicants may contact the current editor, Rosemary Barberet (rbarberet@jjay.cuny.edu) for additional information regarding the logistics or operational  details of editing and producing the journal. Applicants must submit a statement of editorial philosophy and their vision for the future of the journal, a vita, and assurances of institutional support  to  both  the  DWC  Chair  and  DWC  Secretary/Treasurer.  If  possible,  the application should also include the vita of the proposed managing editor. Co-editor team applicants should ensure to explain how they will coordinate and manage editorial tasks. All applicants, including the managing editor, should be DWC members or willing to become DWC members at their own expense.

It is the responsibility of the DWC Chair and Executive Committee to conduct the search for the new editor. The Executive Committee will select the next editor with approval of the current Editorial Board. One file attachment of all application materials must be sent by email to each of the following:

Dr. Amanda Burgess-Proctor, DWC Chair, burgessp@oakland.edu
Dr. Andrea Leverentz, DWC Secretary/Treasurer, andrea.leverentz@umb.edu

Applications must be received by December 1, 2017. A decision will be made by the end of January, 2018.