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Welcome to the American Society of Criminology's Email Mentoring Program!

The program was founded by the ASC Student Affairs Committee in 1994, at the request of an ASC student, with the idea in mind to link ASC undergraduate and graduate students with ASC faculty, researchers, and administrators.

ASC faculty and researchers from around the world have agreed to informally mentor ASC students. The mentors, all volunteers, listed in this program have a large variety of specializations and are most willing to answer any questions from ASC students about matters criminological. Students' questions may be of a strictly research nature, such as questions about theory, methodology, relevant literature, and so on. Or the questions may be of a more personal nature such as what it's like to be a minority (race, gender, age) criminologist. So, just pick your mentor from the list provided within and begin.

We are pleased to announce that the ASC Email Mentoring Program has been expanded to include mentoring for ASC early scholars, those early in their post-graduate careers, in addition to ASC students. Mentors who have agreed to mentor early scholars as well as students are designated on this site with an asterisk (*).

Any questions? Please email Fawn Ngo at: Mentor List

Please Note:  This Program is only for use by current Members of The American Society of Criminology.

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To become a member, contact Susan Case or obtain an application form available here.


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