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2019 Annual Meeting - San Francisco, CA


ASC Sponsored Pre-Meeting Workshops:

Fee: $75.00 ($30.00 for students)
Enrollment is limited to 50 for all ASC Sponsored workshops.
*No laptops provided.  Power strips will be available for all ASC Sponsored workshops.



Register for Workshops via the Annual Meeting Registration Form

To register for a Workshop only, use the Printer-Friendly Workshop Form (pdf) or
Printer-Friendly Workshop Form (word)


List of Registered Participants for the ASC Sponsored Workshops
(Please allow at least a week from when you submitted your registration form before looking for your name)

*** Please note registration for a workshop is NOT registration for the ASC Annual Meeting ***


Title: Applications of Machine Learning in Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Instructor: Zubin Jelveh, Crime Lab New York
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 12th, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM  Place: Salon 10, Lower B2 Level

  In this workshop we'll cover the ways in which the latest advances in machine learning can be brought to bear on policy and research efforts in the science of criminology. We'll go over the basics of machine learning: feature generation, model selection/cross-validation, and performance evaluation. We'll then highlight the ways in which machine learning can be deployed in the policy sphere, and the challenges that come with evaluating whether outcomes have improved as compared with the status quo. In the process, we'll cover the latest thinking on tradeoffs that occur when attempting to make algorithms fair, transparent and interpretable. From the research perspective, we'll wrap up with an overview of the possibilities in using machine learning tools to uncover insights from very large datasets of text, audio, and/or video.

Title: Scraping Data from the Internet and Government Documents
Instructor: Neal Caren, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 12th, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM  Place: Salon 11, Lower B2 Level

  Over the last decade, the variety and types of data available to researchers have exploded. This data explosion includes not only contemporary data, such as from websites and social media platforms but also historical data, from digitized interviews to 19th-century newspapers. This applied workshop will provide an overview of methods of collecting data from online sources. The course will cover scrapping website and accessing web APIs. In addition, we will review methods for converting sets of documents, such as PDFs or Word Documents, into formats suitable for textual or statistical analysis. We will use Python, the most popular computer language for web scraping and data science. There are no prerequisites for the workshop, and enrollees will be provided with preparatory materials on the installation of Python and Python basics in advance of the course.
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Title: Visual Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Instructors: Heith Copes, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Jared Ragland, University of South Florida
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 12th, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM   Place: Salon 12, Lower B2 Level

  This workshop will focus on the use of photographs as tools to collect data and to represent participants’ lives in criminology and criminal justice research. Specifically, it will focus on how to carry out research using photo-elicitation and photovoice techniques. The workshop will discuss benefits and challenges of using visual methods with vulnerable individuals, by considering topics such as representation, empowerment, and emotionality. Additionally, it will highlight practical and ethical issues confronting researchers who incorporate visual methods into their research.
Other Workshops
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