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(Application Deadline:  April 1)

The Teaching Award (established in 2008) is a lifetime-achievement award designed to recognize excellence in undergraduate and/or graduate teaching over the span of an academic career.  This award is meant to identify and reward teaching excellence that has been demonstrated by individuals either (a) at one educational institution where the nominee is recognized and celebrated as a master teacher of criminology and criminal justice; or, (b) at a regional or national level as a result of that individual's sustained efforts to advance criminological/criminal justice education.

Any faculty member who holds a full-or part-time position teaching criminology or criminal justice is eligible for the award, inclusive of graduate and undergraduate universities as well as two- and four-year colleges.  In addition, faculty members who have retired are eligible within the first two years of retirement. 

Faculty may be nominated by colleagues, peers, or students, or they may self-nominate, by writing a letter of nomination to the Chair of the Teaching Awards Committee. Letters of nomination must include a statement in support of nomination of not more than three pages.  The nominee and/or the nominator may write the statement.

Nominees will be contacted by the Chair of the Teaching Award Committee and asked to submit a teaching portfolio of supporting materials. The teaching portfolios should include:

  1. a table of contents
  2. curriculum vita, and
  3. evidence of teaching accomplishments, which may include
    • student evaluations, which may be qualitative or quantitative, from recent years or over the course of the nominee's career
    • peer reviews of teaching,
    • nominee statements of teaching philosophy and practices,
    • evidence of mentoring,
    • evidence of research on teaching (papers presented on teaching, teaching journals edited, etc.),
    • selected syllabi,
    • letters of nomination/reference, and
    • other evidence of teaching achievements.

The materials in the portfolio should include brief, descriptive narratives designed to provide the Teaching Award Committee with the proper context to evaluate the materials. Student evaluations, for example, should be introduced by a very brief description of the methods used to collect the evaluation data and, if appropriate, the scales used and available norms to assist with interpretation. Other materials in the portfolio should include similar brief descriptions to assist the Committee with evaluating the significance of the materials. 

Current members of the ASC Board are ineligible to receive this award.

Letters of nomination (including statements in support of nomination) should be submitted to the Teaching Award Committe Chair in electronic format and must be received by April 1, 2019. The nominee's portfolio and all other supporting materials should also be submitted to the Teaching Award Committee Chair in electronic format and must be received by June 1, 2019.
Teaching Award Committee Chair
Carl Root

The Executive Board may decide not to give the award in any given year. Award decisions will be based on the strength of the nominees' qualifications and not on the number of nomination endorsements received for any particular candidate.

List of past Award Winners