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The American Society of Criminology's publications consist of the following: the journals, Criminology and Criminology & Public Policy, and the newsletter, The Criminologist.

In addition, the Crime and Justice Research Alliance (a joint initiative of the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences) publishes a monthly newsletter - CJRA Newsletter.

Information on Permissions, Copies, and Back Issues

Criminology and Criminology & Public Policy:
A Manuscript Submission Guide for Authors

The American Society of Criminology publishes two peer-reviewed journals, Criminology and Criminology & Public Policy.  While each journal seeks to publish state-of-the-art research on important substantive issues, their individual publication focus differs.  To provide more guidance to authors in their manuscript submission decisions, the following descriptions of each journal’s publication priorities are provided.  Although inevitable overlap between the two journals is to be expected, we hope the descriptions below will prove helpful. 


  • Its central objective is to publish articles that advance the theoretical and research agenda of criminology and criminal justice.
  • It is committed to the study of crime, deviant behavior, and related phenomena as addressed in the social and behavioral sciences and the fields of law, criminal justice and history.
  • Its emphasis is upon empirical research and scientific methodology, with priority given to articles reporting original research.
  • It includes articles needed to advance criminology and criminal justice as a scientific discipline.

Criminology & Public Policy

  • Its central objective is to publish articles that strengthen the role of research in the development of criminal justice policy and practice.
  • It is committed to empirical studies that assess criminal justice policy or practice, and provide evidence-based support for new, modified, or alternative policies and practices.
  • Its emphasis is upon providing more informed dialogue about criminal justice policies and practices and the empirical evidence related to these policies and practices.
  • It includes articles needed to advance the relationship between criminological research and criminal justice policy and practice



Current editors:

David McDowall, Lead Co-Editor  
School of Criminal Justice
University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222 
518-442-5225 (Ph)

Jody Miller, Co-Editor
School of Criminal Justice
Rutgers University
123 Washington St Ste 555
Center for Law & Justice 
Newark, NJ 07102 
937-353-1303 (Ph)


Charis Kubrin, Co-Editor
Sociology;Criminology, Law & Society
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697 
949-824-0704 (Ph)
Carter Hay, Co-Editor
Criminology & Criminal Justice
Florida State University 
112 S Copeland St
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1273
850-644-1594 (Ph)

Criminology:  An Interdisciplinary Journal is an official publication of the American Society of Criminology.  The journal is interdisciplinary in nature, devoted to crime and deviant behavior, as found in sociology, psychology, design, systems analysis, and decision theory as applied to crime and criminal justice.   The major emphasis is on empirical research and scientific methodology, and article reporting on the original research are given priority.  Articles which review the literature or deal with theoretical issues stated in the literature are also dealt with and suggest the types of investigation which might properly be carried out in the future. Criminology is published four times annually  -- February, May, August, and November.  Submissions to the journal should be sent directly to the Editor via the on-line submission process (see link below).  The most recent journal rankings from the Institute for Scientific Information identifies Criminology as the leading professional journal in the field of criminology (first out of 27), sixth of 96 in the field of sociology, and 29th of 101 in the field of law.



Please read the following letter from incoming editors in chief for all submissions after September 1, 2018: http://www.cebcp.org/wp-content/CPPeditorletter.pdf.

Cynthia Lum and Christopher Koper, Editors in Chief
George Mason University
Department of Criminology, Law and Society
Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy
4400 University Driver, MS 6D12
Fairfax, VA 22030
clum@gmu.edu  |  ckoper2@gmu.edu

Associate Editors:
Ojmarrh Mitchell, Arizona State University
Justice Tankebe, University of Cambridge
Cody Telep, Arizona State University
Sue-Ming Yang, George Mason University

Xiaoyun Wu, Managing Assistant Editor

George Mason University
Department of Criminology, Law and Society

Criminology & Public Policy is the premier, peer-reviewed, policy journal of the American Society of Criminology. It is devoted to rigorous research and critical discussions of criminal justice policies and practices. The central objective of the journal is to strengthen the role of research findings in the formulation and implementation of crime and justice policy and practice by publishing empirically based, policy-focused articles. The journal is interdisciplinary and international in its scope. The editors welcome rigorous empirical studies that address various aspects of program and policy development, theory, operations, impacts, and cost efficiency as they pertain to all areas of justice and crime prevention. We welcome studies using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, original and replication studies, and systematic reviews or critical syntheses of literature. Submitted manuscripts must have a clearly articulated and strong connection to policy and practice.



As you are surely aware, ASC is facing some fiscal challenges in this current economic environment.  In an attempt to save money, we are moving THE CRIMINOLOGIST to an on-line only format for now.  This will begin as of the November/December 2020 issue.

The Criminologist is an official publication of the American Society of Criminology.  The newsletter is designed to provide members with information on societal activities, news concerning criminal justice events, and appropriate news related to the members themselves. The Criminologist is published six times annually (approx. dates) -- January 20, March 20, May 20, July 20, September 20, and November 20.  Deadlines for The Criminologist are as follows:  December 15 (January/February); February 15 (March/April); April 15 (May/June), June 15 (July/August), August 15 (September/October), and October 15 (November/December).  Non-Member subscriptions are available for $50.00 per year within the United States and $60.00 per year outside the United States.  Single issues may be purchased for $10.00 per copy. Members, universities, and criminal justice agencies are invited to submit dates of events, and appropriate announcements to the ASC Executive Office for inclusion in The Criminologist.  All such materials should be emailed to kvance@asc41.com.

For advertising questions, please send an email to kvance@asc41.com.

Article/essay submissions:

Articles/essays submitted for consideration are reviewed by the current Editor and Associate Editor who reserve the right to reject or ask for revisions on submitted work. Articles/essays need to follow APA format and use endnotes as opposed to footnotes. Articles/essays are limited to 2500 - 3500 words (depending on whether it is a lead or non-lead); specifics are to be discussed with the Editor and/or Associate Editor. For information on submitting materials of interest, please send an inquiry to the current Editor, Laura Dugan @ ldugan@umd.edu and/or the Associate Editor, Michael Benson @ michael.benson@uc.edu